In the late 1800s Winchester produced some of the most sought-after decorated rifles in the world. These carved and engraved rifles are memorialized in Winchester's book, "Highly Finished Arms" printed in 1897. Savage Arms had a similar catalogue in 1900 featuring many carved stocks.

According to S&W, Colt and Winchester, the demand for illustrated stocks and barrels in the 1950s and 60s equaled that of the late 1800s. Weatherby and a few others carried this artistic tradition into the 1980s and added game scenes as additional choices.

Today, no gun manufacturer provides this customized service, instead relying on artisans like Kirk Ratajesak, who brings back the detail and craftsmanship that gun owners have relied upon over the centuries.

The following examples give you some idea of what Kirk Ratajesak has created in the past and how your creations can come to life through his art. Kirk works on a number of materials, including wood, bone, stag horn, micarta, ivory and Corian.

Each design is hand carved by Kirk Ratajesak.



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